Discount Tire Credit Card

Discount has been around for quite a while now with their Discount Tire Credit Card and it's really a refreshing thing to know that actually. When you have been in a situation where you have needed new tires ASAP and had no way to pay for those expensive tires right away, the Discount Tire Credit Card really comes in handy. They offer so many different types and price levels of tires that you can almost always be able to find what you need no matter what Discount Tire location you enter. They even offer protection for your tires where they can replace them for free within a specified time should something happen to any of them. For all of the drivers out there, the Discount Tire Credit Card is really a huge asset to have as an option in case you ever have such an emergency.

Where else can you really go to be able to get some high quality tires, have them balanced and everything without have to pay much or anything at all up front? When you're in a crunch for time while having a flat or blowout when on your way to work, the Discount Tire Credit Card really steps in and delivers the goods.

You can use your Discount Tire Credit Card on purchases of $300 and greater with the option of paying the balance in full within 6, 9 or even 12 months with no interest. Whenever your balance isn't paid within the specified time, that is when the interest rate charges will start. Yes, the card requires you to at least make a minimum payment each month, but considering that you haven't had to pay the full amount right away, that is still considered a benefit of the Discount Tire Credit Card.


Some people have had complaints that the payments to their cards are only able to be made online or either at a GE Capital Retail Bank location. We don’t really see where the problem is with that. If you have ever been into a Discount Tire location, you will see that they really are able to focus on getting you in and out of there in a crunch with your new tires. They can quickly help you select the proper tires that are available for your vehicle and set up your payments. However, if you imagined them also being setup to receive payments, they would have so many people in their locations that it could possibly complicate things. Yes, it's possible that they could setup to receive payments, however, it's actually considered more convenient these days if they don't require you to drive to one of their locations to pay when you can just pay it online. It just seems like a case of the old saying that "You can't please everyone, all the time". The Discount Tire Credit Card is really a godsend in so many ways that you really only seem to realize it until the time comes when you unfortunately needed them to be there to rescue you from a bad situation.